The Back Forty


Tuesday, September 16, 2014


I went out to do chores and Mary Pat got the car packed up for her trip to Maryland, where she will spend the night with her son.  I don't think there was room for one more thing. 
 It was grey and 52 degrees....10 degrees warmer than yesterday morning.

 I closed all the windows in the studio before class started and ended up putting the heater on.  It warmed up quickly as the sun came out.
All kinds of activity...everyone showed up today.

 I'm beginning to wonder if an hour and a half is enough time.  It passes so quickly. Such a great group of people.

Gary is still selling his flowers and says it keeps him in coffee money.

 He went down to Jen's to watch Finn and Coop....
I mowed the lawn.  The girls were busy eating in the outdoor arena (which still needs more grass).

 For the past two days they have been working on the fields around us...about 100 acres.  I wonder what they will plant next.
 I love mowing and it takes me about two hours on a rider.

 After that, Gucci and Phoebe joined me for a quick trip to Wegmans.  I can't resist taking a picture when this cute face is looking at me as I open up the rear door.
 Phoebe would not come to the back seat so I could get a good shot of her too.
 Gary brought Finn, Coop and Scott up to the farm for dinner and Jenny stopped here on her way home from work.  We had Skoog Farm corn on the cob, our carrots, chips and meatball sandwiches.

 When Karen got here after work, she picked a whole bunch of raspberries....

 so after everyone left....we made jam.

The flavor is outstanding!  I think Karen and I are going to do this again.
Night all.

Monday, September 15, 2014