Monday, September 29, 2014

One Thing At A Time

 I guess you are going to have to put up with these beautiful morning shots a little longer.  We are on a roll in this neck of the woods.

 As per usual, I spent much of the morning working on Saving the Senior Center.  We are getting a lot of signatures on our petitions, and a local online news magazine (The Brockporter) collected over 100 in the past 48 hours. The most remarkable part, is the comments people are leaving.  All of them get sent to the Supervisor and Town Board and I hope they are being read.  We've had 4 spots on different newscasts and the word is spreading.  So grateful for the outstanding committee along with the community interest and compassion.

Had a 2:30 meeting down at Alicia's.  Not again!!!!  Our first grant for a mural bombed and we are going for another.  I can't spend a lot of time on something else.

 Made a couple stops in the village before coming home.  Fall has fell.  Look at those trees.

 Leftovers for dinner with a new salad.  Mango, bananas and raspberries.

 Chores a little before 7.

It sure is getting dark earlier.

Night all.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Not Enough Hours In The Day....

Splendiferous sky this morning.

 After chores Karen and I were out on a mission.  First we stopped at the farm market to pick up some donuts...
 Should have gotten some peaches.

 After that I got some gas and then we headed over to Ted's to check on the hay we are going to get.  He did two different fields and we had to decide what we wanted.

Got home and started on dinner preparations.
 Karen picked raspberries...I grabbed some carrots and chives.
 While I was at it, made some chicken soup from the broth I had left after par boiling some chicken.

 I must have been in slow, as by the time I got all the veggies ready for roasting I did not have enough time to get in a shower.  Thank heavens Karen did chores.

It was our monthly get together with Brenda, Al, Ann and Ron.  But this time we invited Sally and Judy.  We had quite a feast.
 I took a stab at making cauliflower Buffalo Wings and they turned out great.  The next time I am going to make my own sauce.  Served them with blue cheese.

 After starting off with shrimp (thank you Sally) and the "wings" we had grilled chicken, all those roasted veggies, loaded whipped potatoes (you outdid yourself Judy) and a fabulous salad by Ann.
 Brenda made Gary a beautiful carrot cake for his birthday...which was today.

 Good friends and good times.
Night all.
Hopefully our interview with channel 8 will be on the news in a few minutes.