Wednesday, March 4, 2015

I'll Take The Mid 30s!

 A rather dull morning.  We really did have some rain last night and the snow was weird when I went out to the barn.  I thought it would be icier.

 I'm sure the girls enjoyed the warm up.
 A friend, who also has an Albion SL Dressage Saddle, stopped over to borrow mine for a fitting.  Her horse's body has changed and her medium tree does not fit properly anymore so she is going to try my medium wide. I dragged everything up from the tack room on my trusty sled so I could give it a good cleaning.  I should have taken a picture of the after version.
 Chorus rehearsal at 10.  I love singing this song....just the women.  It would make my day to do more like this along with a LOT of do wop...my kind of music.
 After lunch I went to the Town Hall to pay off our taxes, then stopped at Wegmans for a few things.

Chores at 5:30.  It was still mild and grey.

 Made a yummy dinner tonight.  The salad was spinach, swiss cheese, hard boiled eggs, Greek Olives and Roasted red peppers topped with fresh ground pepper and homemade Russian Dressing.
Gary grilled a slice of ham topped with a mustard and brown sugar glaze, and I baked a couple of sweet potatoes.
 Did not take many photos... guess I'm in cruise control.
Night all.
It is now 30 degrees and is supposed to go down to 10 tonight.
What a merry go round.  By the weekend we should be back in the mid to upper 30s.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

A Little Of This, A Little Of That...

A very strange day.

 The colorful sky disappeared quickly and the temperature was supposed to rise, ending with snow/sleet/rain.  Karen and I spent a long time digging ditches in case there was a lot of melting.

 If it really rains and starts melting, it will be dangerous footing when the temperature goes down again tomorrow.  The snow is now way over the picket fence in the back yard.

 Today Tina brought DJ with her to class.  He is such a gorgeous boy!

 Early afternoon it started snowing.
 Before long it was coming down in buckets....

 I decided to put the horses in at 3:30.
 Did a little experimenting with the bread machine today.  Half bread flour and half organic whole wheat with a couple tablespoons of molasses and all the rest of the stuff.  Turned out pretty well.
 Went out to grain the girls at 5:30 and gave them each a little more hay.
 Today Karen and I traded lasagna that she made for red lentil soup that I made.

 Dinner was a piece of cake and tasted great.
 Right now the temperature is 31 and we are headed for rain (I guess).
What will tomorrow bring?
Night all.