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Thursday, May 21, 2015


For the past few weeks I have been talking to Karen about getting some footing for the run-in area near the stalls.  It has been difficult to find what I need as well as getting someone to truck it.  I guess no one needs the bucks.  Anyway, today I made the decision to just invest in a lot of shavings and build it up that way...it would save me a fortune.  No sooner did I have the words out of my mouth when (at 8:15) Karen asked if I was expecting someone...there was a big truck in the driveway.  That's the ironic part.  The people who cut down our pine tree stopped in to see if I wanted a load of chips!  Perfect.  He drove through the gate into the paddock and dumped a huge pile next to the shed roof.  Karen had to go to work and I spent the next two hours getting it into the barn.
(This was a little more than half of it)
 Started in the back and worked my way forward.

 By 10:30 the pile was gone....
 and the run-in looked gorgeous.
 I only had three bags of shavings on hand, and will put in a lot more tomorrow.
Feels like a feather bed.
The girls were enjoying the coolness.

 In the meantime, I got a delivery.  Have you ever heard of "Blue Apron?"  Two of my blogging friends have been subscribing to it and as a promotion (through them) I was able to get 3 free meals to try it out.  I was able to pick the day to receive them and they come in an incredibly well packed box, with ice, insulation and a protective bag.  AMAZING!
 I had a big smile on my face as I was unwrapping everything so I could put some of the items in the refrigerator.
You get the recipes to go along with the ingredients and excellent directions on the back.
(As you know, I am not a recipe person).
Tonight we had Flat Iron Steaks with ramps, fingerling potatoes and shaved asparagus salad.
Last night Annette, from Oak Creek Ranch, had the same meal and we are going to compare notes.
 Before starting to cook I got the ingredients organized.

 It was out of this world delicious.
 At 1:30 a free lance writer stopped in to interview me for a magazine article.  It caters to people 55 and over who are active.  We had a great time and afterward, went out to the garden to pull a big batch of rhubarb for her to take home.
Of course, then I had to make a pie.

 We let it cool, Karen was kind enough to do evening chores and we went down to the High School for Cooper's 4th grade Band/Chorus Concert.
 None of these kids had played an instrument until last October, and I think Mr. Stoker has done a great job with them.  Coop plays the trumpet.

Can you imagine having the composure to do this after only playing for 7 months!

The chorus also gave an excellent performance.  We are very fortunate to still have music and art in our schools.  This was my favorite song.  So impressed that they memorize everything and were able to harmonize at age 9!

I think the kids and their families were very happy with the end result.

When we were leaving, the sunset was quite spectacular.

Today I went shopping for a new washing machine and have to wait until next Thursday to have it delivered.  We will never make it that long without going to Jenny's (to use hers).
I am happy to report that both toilets and the kitchen sink are in working order and we have a filter system for part of our house.

Hopefully a nice quiet weekend is in our future.
Night all.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

One Thing After Another...

The temperature was in the high 30s this morning!  Egad!!!!

 Cleaned the stalls and was mowing the lawn by 8:30.  Want it to look good for a photo shoot that is taking place here tomorrow.

 At noon the chorus had a pot luck lunch at The Center, our last event for the spring semester.
Because we sang "Fireflies" in our concert, Mary Ellen was given a firefly jar and this painting
(which lights up).  There had to be at least 50 or 60 people present and the food was great.

 I loaded up a plate with food and took it over to Sara's, where Gary was working.
Have you ever been there?
A true slice of heaven.
 Earlier in the spring he painted the front of the store.  Love the new doors.
 This is Kathy.  She and her husband own the business and have amazing taste in the way everything is presented.
 Their inventory is mind blowing.

 Weddings have been held here and it is the perfect spot for prom photos.

All kinds of problem on the farm today.  First, when I was mowing the last 25 feet of the lane, it sounded like I hit a rock where there were no rocks.  Turned off the lawn tractor and discovered a hunk of metal that snapped off the back part of the mowing deck.  Managed to get it out of the way and finished the job.  Got back to the house and water was still leaking into the washing machine.  Flushed the downstairs toilet and it would not refill.  Called Gary and he said the upstairs john was not working right either.  So, we called our plumber and he got here around 3.  
Apparently, when the new hydrant was put in the barn, all kinds of grit got into the water lines and it was passing through the system (we are on a well).
When they turned the water off to work on new shut off valves for the washer and turned it back on....no cold water would come out of the kitchen sink.  So, the plumber and I went out and bought new facets and a filter system for the basement.  There was an O ring missing in the filter so it leaked all over the place and I had to go back to the store and get one.  By 6;30 everything was back in working order.  Tomorrow I have to go out and buy a new washing machine.  Talk about the domino effect....or is it affect????
 Gary had a 6pm board meeting and I did not go out to do chores until 7:30.

 Tucked the girls in and that was that.
Tomorrow is another day.
Night all.

Blogging buddies....I have been asked to write an essay for a local newspaper.  Each month they publish a community link and this time the theme is "Linked Together In Friendship."
The editor knows I have a journal and thinks I would "present a unique perspective on the topic if I were to write about my blog and how I have grown friendships in that venue with people who I may never meet, yet know."
Is that not a perfect way to express what happens to all of us in bloggersville?