Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Raining, Pouring...Snoring?

 Talk about ugmo.  All day long.

Right after chores my buddies road with me down to Weggies.  Company coming for several days and I needed to stock up.

Class at 10:30.  Wow!  Some amazing work.

 Lais brought in more containers.  They are used for packaging some special juice.
 Think of the possibilities.

 The poor horses were getting soaked off and on.

 We had a new hibiscus blossom today....the other one disappeared.
 Gar brought Coop and Finn up to the farm after they got home from school.
 Coop showed us what he is learning on his trumpet.
 Finn was tuned in to his tablet.
 Scott picked them up in a ginormous truck.
 Carol and Tom (from the Chicago area) arrived around 3:45, after spending several days in Pittsford with friends

Chores at 5:30.  Look who got soaked and rolled.

Was happy to get back in the cozy house and have dinner.
Beef stroganoff
 a salad with pears, apples, craisins and walnuts on organic mixed greens
 and marinated asparagus.

 Rustic apple pie for dessert.
Time to get out to the fire and our company.
Night all.

Monday, October 20, 2014

On and On and On

 The day started out beautifully...

 By noon it was grey again.  Pam, Judy and Sally picked me up and we were off to LeRoy.
 So much color everywhere.

 Our destination was The Depot.

 We celebrated Sally's birthday over lunch.

 After a great deal of chatting, we realized it was 3pm and headed home.
 Around 5 it started to spit and sputter.  Tucked the girls in a little early.

 A salad and leftover spags for dinner.

Time to get back in front of the fire.
Night all.