Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Dark for Morning Chores, Dark for Evening Chores

This morning I heard that it not only reached 78 yesterday, it reached 80.
Quite a change when I went out to the barn today.

 Ha Ha Ha!  Will we really have a chance for some snow flurries on Saturday?

 Chorus this morning.  We got through a lot of material.
 Before we started to sing, I took a short video of the line dancers at "The Center."  They are there every Wednesday when we come in for chorus.
I think we are going to make a calendar for a fund raiser and show off some of these seniors.

 I actually took a real nap this afternoon, under a blanket and cozy.
Gary had an extra long duty with the boys, so I drove down to Bergen...
 to get them a pizza at Ralph and Rosie's.
 Even picked up a few cookies at Greg'rys.

 By the time I tucked the girls in tonight, it was dark again.  Pretty soon it will be pitch black by 5.  Always a hard adjustment.


 I know...these two shots are fuzzy, but I like the movement of the windmill.
Night all.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Record Breaking!

Yep!  Today we hit 78 degrees.  The warmest on record.

 Picked some new flowers for the studio after chores....

 I'm posting these two banners for Jo, over in Africa.  She wanted a better look.
 Put away the umbrella and cut down all the vines that had grown on the fence surrounding the Studio deck.
 Class started at 10:30.

 Before I went out there, one of my students ("Madonna") emailed me a photo.  She and her daughters are in Italy having a GREAT time.

 After lunch I stopped over at Apple Creek Farm to pick up some drops for the ponies.

 Then I headed over to Tina's and split my pickins'.  You know it's apple season when you get behind one of these trucks.
 Phoebe and Gucci were with me, so they had a chance to play with DJ.

 There was still a lot of color in her yard.

 Dream and Sandman were enjoying the nice grass in the back pasture...
and Tina had to finish cleaning her harness (lesson tomorrow).
 She gave me this humungo fern.

Fortunately, Gary moved the rest of the brush this morning...by mid afternoon the town trucks were there picking it up.
Great equipment.

I turned a cauliflower into a casserole for dinner.

 Then I went out to do chores.  It had been raining, so the girls were pretty wet.
 Started clearing up just before dark.
 Gary got home (from hanging out with Finn and Coop) just in time.

Night all.